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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Remembering Mommy

There is not a day that goes by without remembering Mom for something she said or something she did. Among all the things, the thing that I will always hold close to my heart about Mom is how she, inspite of her health issues, put us (Dad, Anita and me) and our every single detail ahead of hers and strived to make life as normal or as beautiful for all of us around even when she was facing up a storm of pain or some other struggle internally.

She lived her life for us and almost made us feel confident that she will always be there to take care of us. Yes, like all the kids we took that for granted.
She taught Anita and me what it means to be a family, how when you marry a person you marry a whole family, what it means to provide for children not just what they need to survive and grow up but,also what they need to grow up as good human beings, what it means to show children what they are capable of, etc etc., 
On Aug 4th, when she left us it was clear that she was ready to go only when she was confident that we could take care of ourselves. Little did she know that, I was dependent on every phone call from her and every letter from her to feel safe, comforted and confident. 
Anyway, this note is not to brood over losing her but, to commemorate and remember all the wonderful things about her so we can share it with her grandchildren and selfishly for me for keepsake.

For me
There was this one time mom came to drop me in the train station when I was going back to Warangal after holidays. I was in the train, dad went to buy a water bottle for me. The train started to move a bit. I cannot forget the anxiety in mom's eyes and she literally tried to hold onto to the window bars to stop the train so I can have the water bottle. I can never forget that look.. it showed to me clearly that she would not hesitate to do anything for me or even throw her life for me. She knew what I was thinking or feeling just by looking at me. My loudest spokesperson ever

From Anita:
Sunday mornings in ammasandra, we would be sitting on the kitchen counter while she was cooking and she would tell us these stories that she made up to make it interesting for us. The stories were all about how to face the real world 
Also at one most difficult juncture in my life, when I lost Prateik, she was my strength, my counsellor and the only person I could pour my heart out and she would be there for me always. 
The sparkle in her eyes when she was with Samhitha, Avinash and Abhiram.....precious moments.

From Chandu:
We miss you aunty. You were always cheerful and kept everyone around you happy even through the tough times you went through. You set a good example for perseverance and enjoying simple things in life.

From Harini:
It was in college days..vasantha bet with me that I go to her house in Hyderabad and fool aunty that I was a revolutionary from warangal  That was the first time i met her. She had this innocence about her that I didnt want to take advantage of. But it was a bet. So I convinced her and very easily that too. I found her so trusting and simple minded. She even gave council to change my ways  and the huge relief on her face when i revealed that it was a prank..was priceless!

From Bapineedu Mavayya:
She is just one of kind. We all truly miss her. She is always a part of conversation when we talk to our friends and children.

From Ammaji Atta:
Saranya atta and I used to spend most of our summer vacations with mom and dad. After dad left for work, we used to have so much fun talking and joking. Even now, we talk about it and laugh at her jokes. There were so many of those moments that are hard to recount.

From Sammu
It was all those weekends i spent with ammamma. Whenever i used to draw the smallest things, she used to get soo excited. I would never realise my talent if ammamma did not. She is my inspiration, my strength. I miss her more than anyone. I think of her every single day. I like to think she is present with me so she can lead me. AND I KNOW SHE IS! I OVE HER THE MOST! I LOVE YOU AMMAMMA 

Friends and Family, please share your most memorable moment with mom or something about her that you like/love most in the comments below.


Archana Gullapalli said...

It was always good to be around her.She was always cheerful and jovial with us.We always had discussions on New Telugu films at Guntur and other topics also. She was the only one who calls me as Babu.We are missing her guidance and affection towards us.

Raghavaiah and Subha

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